[RC5] So long RC5, hello SETI

Hauke Lampe packbart at gmx.de
Tue May 18 04:13:38 EDT 1999

On 17 May 1999, N. H. wrote:

> Regardless, I'm sold. I've dropped RC5 off all my computers and installed
> SETI. It's a lot more worthwhile,

Hmmm.... Ca depends. 
Doing fourier transformations over white noise can be exciting.[*]

[*] Standard Disclaimer: Yes, I really *do* think that there must be
other inhabited planets in the universe.

> and I like the screensaver aspect.

I usually don't use screensavers. I prefer turning off the monitor
when I'll be away longer.

A client running at idle-priority is a more optimized approach. It
(only) uses every cycle the CPU would have spent waiting otherwise.
The system load of my linux machines is nearly exactly 1.00 the whole
time. And I can't notice any perfomance losses.

> The damned RC5 slows the computer down so much.

I can't moan. Even the Windows clients runs nicely in the background,
still crunching blocks at reasonable speed. The SETHI at Home thingie
slowed down the computer awfully, WinAmp was unable to play my MP3s.  

And when the screensaver was activated that damned thing didn't
recognize that it was already running in the bg and crashed windows

> It's nice to have a screensaver kick in and work at 100% when I'm not
> working as opposed to slowing me down.

It's nice to have an idle-task client kick in and work at 100% when
I'm not working and none of my tasks needs the CPU as opposed to
slowing me down. CD-Recording works fine though the key rate drops
from ~900 to 16 kkeys. ;)

> Maybe if the new clients had been finished in a reasonable time, I might
> have stayed and not strayed. But, it looks like the SETI project is
> solid enough so I'm sticking with it.

"As steady as a rock."

But I don't believe that SETI will be such a 'thread' to the RC5
contests. Will keep an eye on next month's stats though.

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SCNR. ;)
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