[RC5] So long RC5, hello SETI

Nicholas Memphis nickms at com2com.ru
Tue May 18 23:39:06 EDT 1999


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> I can't moan. Even the Windows clients runs nicely in the background,
> still crunching blocks at reasonable speed. The SETHI at Home thingie
> slowed down the computer awfully, WinAmp was unable to play my MP3s.

This is because of the priority of the SETI client, which is set to normal.
The RC5 client priority is low by default. BTW, try to increase the priority
of WinAmp to high, this should address the problem. Don't set it to
realtime, as the OS doesn't allow it to be run at this priority level (at
least my WinNT doesn't), and sets it to normal instead.


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