[RC5] SETI project

Marcio \"TearDown\" Otero teardown at usa.net
Tue May 18 23:17:38 EDT 1999

actually that's not a bad idea, but more information could be displayed.

- - time spent on current block
- - total time since client was fired up
- - total computer time since client was first installed

- - keyrate on last block

- - average keyrate   since client was fired up

- - average keyrate since client was first installed

- - dates and times for the above information

3d graphs would be overkill, but a progress bar and the above info,
sure spruce up the display...

right now, if your machine is a bit slower, even the progress bar
gets old after awhile...

i was working on something similar in perl, that emailed me the info
only). and i was thinking of something gui in vb (a separate utiltity
would parse the log file)....but if it was built into the client...

Today i just make a test in the office, i put SETI screen saver to work
in my PC and ....  people start
to stop in front of it trying to understand what was going on and get
also interesting about the project
some liked only because the 3D graphic

This means, if i want to have more participants in my team i need to
make something like all companies make
to sell their products, they invest in beautiful and colored boxes,
marketing, point of sales promotion, so why we
don't do it too???, screen saver would work fine for that

Ii will like to see and RC5 screen saver with some data like above and
some 3D colored graphics to get people
attention ,  i know that some will join my team only to have the screen
saver in their PC´s
no problem, some will be really interested in the project also, we all
could win !!

I just want to see the team cracking more and more :)


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