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David Cantrell david at wirestation.co.uk
Tue May 18 18:56:51 EDT 1999

> What worried me is that, while running it and having a look with WinNT
> task manager, it appears to spend about 50% of it's time in kernel mode.
> What on earth is it doing making so many API calls?

In NT4, MS decided to move the graphics subsystem into kernel mode 
because it would 'improve graphical performance'.  Why graphical 
performance matters on a server is beyond me.  [the fact that this 
means you're more likely to crash the entire system is another matter, 
suffice to say that IME, NT 3.51 was more stable]

>                                                  I would have thought
> that the dominant activity of doing calculations wouldall be in user
> mode in the app, and that making large numbers of windows calls degrades
> performance appreciably. Any ideas?

Quite.  The only people who will benefit by the GDI being moved into 
the kernel are those who hammer the graphics.  And they should be using 
Win9x (for games) or SGI's Visual Workstations if they want _serious_ 
graphics on a PC.

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