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Paul Benjamin pben at pobox.com
Tue May 18 13:29:50 EDT 1999

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They had a discussion on slashdot.org about the SETI at home and someone
there said that the windows client uses Direct 3D for drawing the
graph across the bottom half of the screen.  If that is true that is
why it is spending so much time in the kernel of NT.

I also found that the windows client of SETI is a poor background
task.  That is odd because the Linux client goes unoticed by me once I
added some more memory.  The windows client is much slower also.  I
could to a block in about 18 hours under Linux but I am 66% into my
first block on the windows partation and it says it has used 36 hours
of cpu time!  It looks like it should continue my Linux
experimentation. Throwing away half the processor time for a graph
isn't worth it.  They still need to do some work.  


P.S. If you have the Linux SETI client be sure to get a new version. 
All results processed by the old version 0.47 clients are being thrown
out.  They have a static linked version that you can use if you
haven't updated your clib to 2.1

>> Actually it is out since last night... but for running in
>> mode it isn't very "nice" :(
>What worried me is that, while running it and having a look with
>task manager, it appears to spend about 50% of it's time in kernel
>What on earth is it doing making so many API calls? I would have
>that the dominant activity of doing calculations wouldall be in user
>mode in the app, and that making large numbers of windows calls
>performance appreciably. Any ideas?

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