[RC5] Seti@Home for Windows

David Townsend cloacasoft at email.msn.com
Wed May 19 05:14:07 EDT 1999

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From: Santeri Saarimaa <gridle at mbnet.fi>
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Sent: Friday, 14 May, 1999 09.12
Subject: [RC5] Seti at Home for Windows

> I wonder how this will affect distributed.net..

i thought i had pretty much peaked (bouncing between <15 places up to
hundreds of places down daily) w/ the three measly machines i've involved in
this thing, and today i moved up 220 places w/ only two machines checking in
on time.

good for me, bad for d.net

or maybe it's just a freak accident, and i'll lose 300 places tomorrow.

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