[RC5] More on Quantum Computing and Crypto

Adam Zilinskas AZilinskas at SolutionsIQ.com
Wed May 19 10:22:42 EDT 1999

Short little blurb on MSNBC web push
 (I do not know how long it will remain valid,
  sent on 5/19)

Here are some links
(this was a hyperlink in the article "wired together"
  that they had the wrong address)

Los Alamos Cryptography blurb
(this one has to be a joke, they have a link to image's
  of Alice's and Bob's computers, kind of a silly personal page)

Essentially the system uses a scheme called entanglement
 in which two ions have their quantum states 
 linked at a distace (I think they use laser light over fiber 

Still more hype that reality but they are getting on 
 the next step of generating these quantum bits (qnbit) to store 
 information and state. Then supposedly, they could form a 
 prime factoring machine using these qnbits. A quantum code
 cracker machine would essentially be set up, the act of reading
 its state solves the problem.
A new analogy I thought up is trying to find the longest non looping path
 in a spider web. Given a starting point on a wall where a web strand 
 is connected, the web forms a maze pattern ending in other strands
 conected to another wall (the end points).
If you could pull the web off the wall and label all end points and 
 each strand, the longest distance between two points is found by holding 
 each start/end point and carefully pulling them apart, if you
 break a strand but leave another path intact, you keep pulling. The moment
 you cannot pull any further without seperating the start and end point,
 that is the longest path. Of course the web was destroyed in doing the
 measurement. If a quantum computer is doable, I think it would operate
 in a similar way. The problem is formed by setting up the states of the 
 computer's particles. The particles would fall into any of the 
 solution states according to the rules of the particle logic. 
 In reading the state of the particles, you freeze the system into a 
  single solution state.

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                  Solutions IQ
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