[RC5] So long RC5, hello SETI

Peter Logan logan at pt.lu
Thu May 20 10:17:13 EDT 1999

>Agreed, however, I understand setiathome has an option to
>turn off the screensaver and merely run at low priority
>in the background.

Not my copy - it has options:

a) run as a screensaver or when window is at the front

b) run all the time - recommended only for fast machines with 64k+ of memory

When running as a screensaver it runs at priority 'normal' as reported by
TaskInfo which kills RC5 stone dead.

When running 'all the time' it also runs at priority 'normal' but seems to
get no cpu time at all whereas RC5 gets its usual idle cycle time (maybe
this seti option doesn't work too well).  WinTop also shows seti getting no
time in this mode.

I'm not about to switch - just give seti a little time from time to time
till they give it some better manners :-)

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