[RC5] seti project - MAKE IT STOP!

Tom Cooper tom_cooper at bigfoot.com
Wed May 19 17:20:50 EDT 1999

Sorry to sound an alarm based on Paul's particular message, but I'm
involved in RC5 project.  Since SETI at home is not of any interest to me, I'd
appreciate it if SETI at home-specific info could be moved off of this list.

Thank you for your cooperation...

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>They had a discussion on slashdot.org about the SETI at home and someone
>there said that the windows client uses Direct 3D for drawing the
>graph across the bottom half of the screen.  If that is true that is
>why it is spending so much time in the kernel of NT.
>I also found that the windows client of SETI is a poor background
>task.  That is odd because the Linux client goes unoticed by me once I
>added some more memory.  The windows client is much slower also.  I
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