[RC5] Some MSNBC Press

David McNett nugget at distributed.net
Fri May 21 13:15:28 EDT 1999


We got some pretty positive press today in an MSNBC article.  The focus
of the article is SETI (as most are these days), but their treatment 
of distributed.net is quite favorable and it does include that 
all-important link.

When I spoke with the author yesterday, he mentioned that he called to do
research on distributed.net mainly because he had received considerable
feedback that it would be a disservice to his readers to overlook us.

I just wanted to thank everyone for their efforts in recruitment and
exposure.  We get a fair bit of exposure simply as a by-product of 
SETI's impressive media budget, but when you get right down to it our
ability to grow and mature rests in the hands of all of us.  It's no
wonder that we continue to do so with abandon. 

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