[RC5] So long RC5, hello SETI

Andrew mynet at uq.net.au
Sat May 22 06:12:22 EDT 1999

Same story on NT4. rc5 just runs as a service in the background and doesn't
slow anything down one little bit.Under Linux its the same.
I think its just the dos based os's like windows 3.1 that have problems as
they were not realy designed for multitasking.

Greg Lee wrote:

> On my Dual PII 262 running Linux I have never had RC5 slow down anything
> that wanted cpu time. The reason some things probably look like it is
> getting slowed down is that the program tried to write to the disk and had
> to wait for it to finish thus giving the rc5 program a chance to run in
> the meantime.
> I have run a ray tracing that took several hours and the entire time it
> got about 99.8% of the cpu time which is the most anything I have seen
> ever gets.

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