[RC5] So long RC5, hello SETI

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Mon May 24 09:56:17 EDT 1999

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> On Sat, 22 May 1999, Andrew wrote:
> > Same story on NT4. rc5 just runs as a service in the background and
> > doesn't slow anything down one little bit. Under Linux its the same. I
> > think its just the dos based os's like windows 3.1 that have problems
> > as they were not really designed for multitasking.
> RC5 will affect your somewhat performance on any stock operating system.
Obviously, YMMV (your mileage may vary), but my understanding is that
operating systems (like *nix) are likely to balance the load better than
your average (i.e. MS) PC operating system. With the exception of specific
MP versions of Dec Ultrix which were brain-dead from the start. ;-)

> NT - Various apps are slowed down -- particularly installers.
I run RC5 as a service on an NT4 (SP5) box, and do notice a significant slow
down - at least enough that I switch RC5 off during working hours.
However, regarding installers, the worst culprit is anything that uses the
NT 16bit subsystem - e.g. MAPISP.DLL (as used by Outlook for example). This
effectively stop installers running until terminated, at which point they
as normal.

> Linux - It will take up some percentage of the CPU unless you install
> idle-only patches.  We're doing this on all our Linux boxes now so we can
> put rc5 back on our big production boxes.
> 95 - all sorts of stuff is affected to a minor degree.  Printing is slowed
> down significantly in some cases.  PhotoShop is slowed significantly.
Yes, I noticed this kind of problem in the days when I still used Win95.

> This is a fact of life.  In most cases it doesn't make much difference.
> But it does make a difference.  And in some cases it is a significant
> slowdown.
See my points above. As I have suggested in the past, more effective control
over process priority would be useful in the NT version. Note, task manager
does not work, before anyone suggests it, :-)


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