[RC5] seti project - MAKE IT STOP!

Roby Van Hoye DeRoby at mail.dma.be
Mon May 24 23:24:29 EDT 1999


just my $0.02 :

although I'll agree the name of this list is rc5 but I've always considered
it to be usefull for whatever is done at distributed (we didn't start a DES
list when we had to say something about those contests). Why change this ?

I admit there is a lot of SETI talk going right now but that's probably due
to the fact SETI is 'hot & new'. Give it some time and it is likely to
settle down. I consider distributed to be the 'mama' of distributed
computing and  as my main source of information on this topic so the SETI
project might not be owned or run by distributed, it most certainly is
something that at least should be discussable on it's errr, premises.

Besides that, I favor email-lists over newsgroups. I've got Eudora (Light)
running for err, ages now and am very happy with it. (yeah, yeah, shouls
switch to the 'real' version, but it seems to crash on me after 2 weeks,
had that problem a couple of times now). If we switch to newsgroups you
force me to install a different program, and, you lock out all the people
that are behind a firewall. (I used to be in that situation once).

I'd say : leave it the way it is. It's not really flooding the list and in
a while the storm will settle down. (Unless of course ET does phone :)


At 19:15 23/05/99 -0500, Dave wrote:
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>    Hmmm.... I believe founding a newgroup about DCTI would be a good
>choice. The only disadvantage, which is the same with all newgroups,
>is that there would be spammers. I believe distributed.net's
>lists.distributed.net computer could possibly handle a newserver,
>depending on the amount of usage of course.
>    If DCTI had it's own news server, this would probably greatly
>reduce the amount of spam recieved on the list because you would have
>to know the server name, which you could attain from the
>distributed.net webserver.
>    We could undertake it,
>                 Dave
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