[RC5] seti project - MAKE IT STOP!

jmv16 at cornell.edu jmv16 at cornell.edu
Mon May 24 20:20:58 EDT 1999

On Sun, 23 May 1999, Dave wrote:

>     If DCTI had it's own news server, this would probably greatly
> reduce the amount of spam recieved on the list because you would have
> to know the server name, which you could attain from the
> distributed.net webserver.

I vote against running a special server for this.  It makes reading the 
group a tremendous hassle under most newsreaders, to the point that I 
wouldn't read regularly.  If there are anywhere near the number of people 
on this list that I suspect there are, there shouldn't be any difficulty 
getting a group in comp.* (we could moderate it if spam is really a 
worry, but I find in general that it isn't).

Jeffrey M. Vinocur   *   jmv16 at cornell.edu

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