[RC5] seti project - MAKE IT STOP!

David Cantrell david at wirestation.co.uk
Tue May 25 18:47:43 EDT 1999

Jeffrey Vinocur said:

> I vote against running a special server for this.  It makes reading the 
> group a tremendous hassle under most newsreaders, to the point that I 
> wouldn't read regularly.

Me too.  If it ain't available on news.insnet.net, I won't read it.

>                       If there are anywhere near the number of people 
> on this list that I suspect there are, there shouldn't be any difficulty 
> getting a group in comp.*

Probably true.

>                           (we could moderate it if spam is really a 
> worry, but I find in general that it isn't).

Robomoderation is the way to go with new groups if spam is a worry.  
See http://www.algebra.com/~ichudov/stump/ for details of one of the 
most popular robomoderation programs.

David Cantrell, Senior Developer, Wirestation


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