[RC5] Newsgroup

Paul West paulw at aa.net
Wed May 26 16:01:33 EDT 1999

> Why not just gateway the current nicely-moderated list into a newsgroup
> for those that want to read it that way?  Make the posting address for the
> news group the current address.  That ways there's one list.  One archive.
> One set of moderators.  Gatewaying the current list into a web site would
> be nice too.  If we make the archives available via ftp anybody could do
> that when they felt like it.

Do that and I guarantee that I and a lot of others will drop the list like a
hot potato.  The purpose of mailing lists are to avoid the problems of
newsgrouops, specifically SPAMMERS.  They scan the messages culling email
addresses to use.

Whats wrong with the way it is?

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