[RC5] seti project - MAKE IT STOP!

David Cantrell david at wirestation.co.uk
Wed May 26 18:07:23 EDT 1999

David Taylor said:

> I absolutely *HATE* message board scripts.
> One:	They are also usually unreliable (as much as newsgroups anyway).

No less reliable than newsgroups, and at least they don't have the 
propagation problems and dropped messages common on many news servers.  
Even comp.* groups have propagation problems on some servers and ALL 
servers drop the occasional message.

> Two:	They usually use icky javascripts

This is not the case.  SOME do, MOST don't.  MOST are entirely server 

> Three:	They look crap in lynx

So do most things ;-)

> Four:	Newsgroups have lots of readers/utilities designed *specifically*
> 	for that purpose, for various platforms.  Why reinvent the wheel?


I also despise message board pages, because they require me to do one 
more thing every morning - that is, as well as slurping my news, I have 
to remember to go to a particular webpage, which frequently has a piss-
poor interface.

> Low spam?  Just use news.distributed.net and make a `private' dnet
> newsserver, if you're really that worried.

Nonononono.  It is a real pain to use multiple news servers with many 
popular news programs.  A robomoderated but public group solves the 
spam problem without the excessive delays inherent in a moderated 
mailing list, as well as being more in tune with DCTI's stated aim of 
being 'a gathering point for research and projects related to 
distributed processing'.  Putting our discussions onto a private, 
unadvertised server is the antithesis of that aim.  And don't forget, 
distributed computing is more than just distributed.net.

We should be getting together with the SETI at home, GIMPS and (maybe) 
Beowulf people to see about getting the comp.distributed.* hierarchy 
created.  Using a private news server locks those people out - people 
who have valuable contributions to make, and whose support we will need 
once an RFD is issued.

David - http://www.ThePentagon.com/NukeEmUp

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  them, you will be treated to some classic British sarcasm "
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