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David J P Bodger davebodger at bigfoot.com
Fri May 28 01:42:41 EDT 1999

Hi Dan, at 09:27 27/05/99 +0100, you wrote:-
>Hi all,
>Well that's it for me. After 30000 blocks and 180 days I'm retiring. I
know this
>is small compared to most peoples efforts, but it seems alot to me! I mean, I
>know rc5 runs in the background so you can forget about it, but checking the
>stats page first thing in the morning, wondering how I could increase my
>and general key cracking anxiety became a way of life for me. When I read
>by fresh young crackers excited and enthusiastic about keyrates and all
that, my
>heart fills with longing for the time when I felt that buzz. Will they be as
>keen in 180 days? After deciding to give up rc5 I felt a great wait(spelling
>intended) off my shoulders - I mean it is taking rather a long time isn't it?
>Aren't we in danger of proving to governments that 64bit encryption
>are in fact sufficient? In the words of I'm sure many famous songs, Does
>feel the way I do????????

Well, speaking as someone else who has been working on it for about 180
days (OK, actually 189), I can see your point.
And yes, the initial buzz has gone out of it for me in a general way.
But I still check my stats daily and try to get a few more blocks done if I
can, but I'm certainly nowhere near as religious about it as I was at the

I must admit that I originally just stumbled my way into D.Net/RC5 after
hearing about SETI at home and then being disappointed that it wasn't actually
starting for another 6 months (back then).
I have used the RC5 challenge to hone my small local network and am now
able to take part regularly in both RC5 and SETI by building up those old
machines that I probably would otherwise of thrown away or given away.

Remember that, although we can no longer see the nice graphs that used to
make it fairly obvious, RC5 key-crunching is accelerating almost
exponentially (well, pretty damn fast anyway).
You only have to compare the average keyrate (~30GK/s) to the current daily
rate (~80GK/s) and follow the trend over a few weeks to see what I mean.
It may have been a slow start but boy are we cracking along now! (pun
It won't be long before arrays of the faster processors on the horizon will
be able to do serious damage to even a 64 bit key.

I hope you don't drop out completely, remember there are other challenges
out there (OGR, primes, pi, etc.); or you may even consider joining in on
the SETI frenzy that has just started (300,000 email id users in under 2
weeks is going it a bit!). I know you would be welcomed in the Yahoo! SETI
Club Team of which I am a member.

Hoping to see you around.

All the best.


All the best.


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