[RC5] Newsgroups vs. mailing lists

Paul Christenson n3eop at hotmail.com
Thu May 27 11:06:39 EDT 1999

>A robomoderated but public group solves the spam problem

Only if it deletes the poster's email address.

I don't really mind the occasional spam post *TO* the group.  If it gets too 
bad, I can always drop the group.

The problem is that the 'spambots' pull the email address from *EVERY* 
message posted to Usenet.  If you don't believe me, go get one of those free 
email addresses.  (The more awkward the name, the better.) Then, with that 
address in the header, make ONE post to ONE newsgroup. Sit back and wait a 
month, then see how much spam is in the box.

>We should be getting together with the SETI at home, GIMPS and (maybe)
>Beowulf people to see about getting the comp.distributed.* hierarchy

I agree with this, though I don't want to see it replace this list.  I don't 
have access to news at work (except DejaNews and WReN), so I rely on the 
list for updates.  However, the newsgroups tend to be better for ongoing 

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