[RC5] Re: Well that's it for me...

dp dpush at mindspring.com
Sat May 29 01:59:58 EDT 1999

>Hi all,
>Well that's it for me. After 30000 blocks and 180 days I'm retiring. I
>know this
>is small compared to most peoples efforts, but it seems alot to me! I mean, I
>know rc5 runs in the background so you can forget about it, but checking the
>stats page first thing in the morning, wondering how I could increase my
>and general key cracking anxiety became a way of life for me. When I read
>by fresh young crackers excited and enthusiastic about keyrates and all
>that, my
>heart fills with longing for the time when I felt that buzz. Will they be as
>keen in 180 days? After deciding to give up rc5 I felt a great wait(spelling
>intended) off my shoulders - I mean it is taking rather a long time isn't it?


30000 blocks is not insignificant, really.  Stopping is way more
significant, IMHO.

>Aren't we in danger of proving to governments that 64bit encryption
>are in fact sufficient? In the words of I'm sure many famous songs, Does
>feel the way I do???????

Well, they are sufficient.  To what extent, I think, is the issue.
Regardless of anyones intended purpose here, we _will_ exhibit a limit to
the encryption's effectiveness.  That is a direct way of saying to
someone(s) who has something at stake; this is the maximum a certain
encryption can be entrusted to protect.  Opinions will fly from there.  But
there will be NO misunderstanding about whether it can, or what it takes,
to break it.

Besides, we are just getting started.  Stick around.

my two bits...dithered,


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