[RC5] automating a personal rc5 statistics gif

Dominique Pelle dominique.pelle at free.fr
Sat May 29 13:36:39 EDT 1999


I would like to create a gif image to show my personal 
rc5 statistics (more or less like the gif in the d.net
stat page http://www.distributed.net/statistics).

I also want to automate the daily update of this stat gif
and fetch the info from the personal statistics web page: 

The idea is to put the script in the crontab.

1. Does anybody have a perl script that fetch personal
   statistics from the web stat page?

2. What is the best way to create a nice gif (showing the
   number of blocks sent vs date or kkeys/sec vs date, etc)?
   I wonder what is used to create the stat graph on
   the d.net stat page.  I'm thinking about using gd
   (http://www.boutell.com/gd)  Is there something else?

I bet someone has done this before.  If so, I do not want to
reinvent the wheel.  Thanks for your help.


mailto:dominique.pelle at free.fr

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