[RC5] Macintosh

Gary L. Gray gray at engr.psu.edu
Sun May 30 13:44:09 EDT 1999

At 10:34 AM -0400 5/29/1999, Michael Clark wrote:

>Any word on how the RC5 clients are doing on the Macintosh? Next week I am
>starting a new job at an office that is entirely Macintosh and they are
>interested in running the client. The http://www.distributed-mac.net pages
>are nearly two years out of date.
>Are the Macintosh clients reliable? Crash machines? Work in hidden/faceless
>mode? Any pointers would be nice. I do not have access to a Macintosh right
>now that I can experiment with. Thanks, Mike

The Mac client is very nice, but needs to be updated for Mac OS 8.6 
(it still runs, but is slower than with 8.5.X and lower and it also 
gives a warning at startup since it has not been tested under 8.6). I 
am running it on more than 40 machines, it has a nice interface and 
is rock-solid stable. I have emailed a couple of the Mac developers 
in the last 2-3 weeks asking for info, but never got a reply. They 
have hinted at a new client on some of the Mac-related information 
web sites and in their "plans", but I haven't seen anything.

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