[RC5] Project Order^M^M^M^M^Value (corrections)

Zypher zypher at jknust.com
Mon Nov 29 19:17:51 EST 1999

[brain implosion warning still applies]

> If you managed a C or better in Calculus or Trig or something along those
> lines, you can probably follow this...or my sanity is beyond hope.

Actually no calc or trig, more a word problem than anything.


> RC5 = 256 times bigger than CSC...I think.

64-56 = 8, 2^8 = 256 Now I'm sure :)


> RC5 = $2000/2^64 = 1.084^-16 $/key
> CSC = $2000/2^56 =  2.776^-14 $/key

Oops. Might help to know WHAT power...I assumed base 10, and my fingers are
lazy on the keyboard...

RC5 1.084 * 10^-16 $ per key
CSC 2.776 * 10^-14 $ per key


> Of course only the winner gets the big bucks, but this is how much my
> celeron 'contributes' to the prize pot, assuming 100% keyspace to hit the
> key. Multiply by 2 (100%/50%) for 50% keyspace (average) and multiply by
> [100%/(%age of keyspace completed when we find the key)] to find the
> 'actual' contribution rate...of course no one knows that %age yet :)

This is very important, the difference between 99% and 1% keyspace done to
completetion is several orders of magnitude.

> Ex: if it takes 22% to hit the key, then multiply 'contribution rate' by
> (100/22)

Remember, when someone claims the prize pot later on, be sure to take the #
of blocks you did, and calculate their bill ;) For ex, my email has done
~~190,000 blocks, so if its claimed tommorow (RC5 is at 12% I think...haven't
looked in awhile though, since no updates during csc :/) then (1.084 *
10^-16) * (100/12) * 190,000 = I'll take my fair share of
$0.000000000171626468 :)

Another point...since only dnet knows what keyspaces have been checked, I
think for 'end user purposes' a key done at the beginning is just a valuable
as a key done at the end. The value would average out anyway after the
contest is over. (as long as you use the 100/% keyspace completed) Yes they
keep us from repeating keys, but we have no info on which keys have been
done. Nor do I think they'll be giving anyone a 'free' 12% head start
anytime soon. (I don't blame em)

If anyone would care to come up with a calc formula (using the 'increasing
value per block over time' mentioned) for RC5 and CSC where you simply plug
in # of blocks and % of keyspace done at end, that'd be fine by me. Extra
credit if you write a program that does it for us :)

PS to admins and all,
Keep reading:

Anyone else noticed the rather large increase in spam lately? I don't sub or
post to newsgroups, I don't use forums, and the spam only targets my NEW
address. (verified at domain mailserver)

Guess when/where I started using it? Guess how many people I've emailed with
the new address in the signature? Hint: I could probably count it all on one
hand, and all but one finger are relatives or longtime friends

Someone or something is gleaning emails off this list :/


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