[RC5] Project Mascot Vote Results

Hugh Blair hblair at bigfoot.com
Sun Nov 28 07:29:58 EST 1999

A Goat!  Wow, I want a goat!

Seriously, I have several users that won't be running the lastest client
because they can't hear the 'moo' now and then.  Crazy, I know, but we still
have to satisfy the users.  I got BAD comments after installing the latest
client and had to revert back one level.  No CSC blocks are being worked by
many of my users because of this issue.  Life threatning? No, but I'll lobby
for the icons and noise to return.

hblair at bigfoot.com

> [mailto:owner-rc5 at lists.distributed.net]On Behalf Of Steve Flynn
> Could be the rest of us run the client as a totally background service
> and don't see any icons at all, therefore not giving a fig whether we
> use a pig, cow, monkey, goat, chair or banana.

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