[RC5] Problem with buffer limmits.

Michael Collis michael.collis at innocent.com
Mon Nov 1 11:14:40 EST 1999

> > I agree, but perhaps make it a 'hidden' option that must
> > be set in the .INI file so that 'newbies' don't grab 2000
> > to run on their 386.
> The client should not think in block counts, but in calculation
> time based on the benchmark you can do with it.
> This way you could just ask "i want blocks for 3 days", and there
> could be a limit, the same for all users : no more than 5 days of
> work at once.

An excellent idea!  I have a small network that shares one set of
buff-in/buff-out files, so there would need to be allowance (select a large
number of days at the connecting client, which will in reeality feed network
clients for a small number of days) for this unless DNet started encouraging
use of a personal proxy.

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