Ref:Re: Ref:RE: [RC5] Problem with buffer limmits.

Claude.Saam at Claude.Saam at
Tue Nov 2 08:11:20 EST 1999

Doug Tabacco <tabacco at> wrote :
> > The client should not think in block counts, but in calculation time based
> > on the benchmark you can do with it.
> > This way you could just ask "i want blocks for 3 days", and there could be
> > a limit, the same for all users : no more than 5 days of work at once.
> the only problem with this is that the benchmark results are pretty
> inaccurate.  try doing a benchmark and see how it compares to your
> actual keyrate (client-reported, not your average keyrate)

then why not use the average keyrate calculated by the statbox ? this way everything would be done by the fetch agent : lookup of the user, figure out the average keyrate, give blocks for n days according to this agent. Sound pretty simple, in theory :)

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