[RC5] Re: Problem with buffer limmits.

Chris Hessmann news at hessmann.de
Tue Nov 2 19:26:25 EST 1999

Hello Claude,

> then why not use the average keyrate calculated
> by the statbox ? this way everything would be done
> by the fetch agent : lookup of the user, figure out
> the average keyrate, give blocks for n days according
> to this agent. Sound pretty simple, in theory :)

Well, it may be wrong, but if you do not run d.net 24 hours a day, your avg.
keyrate is not as high as your compter is in reality...

And now think you're going on holiday for a weekend and you decide to run
d.net 24 hours a day for that time...

My avg. rate wouldn't be high enough that my buffer could last for the whole

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