[RC5] Re: Problem with buffer limmits.

dan the person motion at es.co.nz
Wed Nov 3 11:06:34 EST 1999

Claude.Saam at alcatel.fr wrote:

> then why not use the average keyrate calculated by the statbox ? this way everything would be done by the fetch agent : lookup of the user, figure out the average keyrate, give blocks for n days according to this agent. Sound pretty simple, in theory :)

Methinks you're on drugs

1) stats keyrate has very little to do with client keyrate/buffersize.  My stats come from about 20 machines, if a client used the statsbox rate it would set the buffers too big by a factor of 20
2) Client bloat.  All the code to do an HTTP POST, parse the result etc etc yuck.
3) Current benchmark does a pretty good job for most people

If the benchmark figure is significantly different to normal running, then either
1) You have another process sucking up idle cycles
2) You only have the machine turned on while you are using it intensively, thus normal apps are using a significant amount of CPU
3) There is a bug in the client.


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