[RC5] Problem with buffer limmits.

Pål Sollie sollie at saint-etienne.no
Tue Nov 2 15:21:19 EST 1999

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From: Claude.Saam at alcatel.fr
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Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 08:11:20 +0100

>then why not use the average keyrate calculated by the statbox ?
>this way everything would be done by the fetch agent : lookup of the
>user, figure out the average keyrate, give blocks for n days according
>to this agent. Sound pretty simple, in theory :)

This would probably work for those who fetch blocks from a single computer, but for me (and probably quite a few others) it would almost certainly not work. I have several computers on different locations  and LANs chewing through blocks for me.
I think the slowest of these machines would have quite a handful of blocks if the servers were to hand out three days worth of cracking every time it polls. I do an average of about 13-1500 blocks each day, and the slowest machine is a P133 - having it chew on 4500 blocks in three days would be a slight overkill if you ask me.

Pål Sollie
sparkz at ikke.no

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