Ref:[RC5] Re: Problem with buffer limmits.

Claude.Saam at Claude.Saam at
Thu Nov 4 08:07:17 EST 1999

to all who reacted to my suggestion :

I was talking (maybe I didn't mention it cleary) about the fetch agent where you can ask blocks via e-mail. I am working in a company where only few PC's are directely connected to the net, and many others that have only access to the LAN. So we are mostly
competiting using mail, with one machine distributing blocks among all the others. That's why it sounded very simple and useful, because our average keyrate is pretty close to the truth. Even if it wasn't, it would grow up because of the random blocks.

Of course, the standard client should work as designed, such an option is useless for it (why ask for 500 blocks if you are always connected to the net ?), and would add too much overhead for the keyserver.

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