[RC5] Quick question

AMackenzie at edgewater.com AMackenzie at edgewater.com
Mon Nov 8 17:12:14 EST 1999

| > In fact, before I leave my computer to go to sleep, I flush 
| and fetch my
| > last set of blocks for the night, then reboot to a simple 
| single user
| linux
| > off of a floppy.  My start-up scripts mount the appropriate 
| partitions of
| > off the hard disk and runs d.net using the blocks I just 
| downloaded.  In
| the
| > morning, I shut down d.net, reboot, and flush/fetch about 
| 15 to 20 blocks,
| > instead of the 12 to 15 I used to get if I left my regular 
| Linux setup or
| > Windows running at night.
| > Pedro J. Cabrera
| > pjcabrera at mindspring.com
| I and probably others would like to try this. Would it be possible for
| someone to put together a suitable floppy image and some 
| instructions for
| how to use it? I'm thinking of something for the technically 
| literate but
| Linux-illiterate (ie me).

I've found that I can squeeze a few KKeys/sec out simply by killing my X
Server.  This drops all those little applications on wharf and the like out
of the picture.  I go from 1.41MKeys/sec to 1.44MKeys/sec.  

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