[RC5] New competition and csc challange

Martin Hecko martineno at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 10 13:50:40 EST 1999

As I am sure many are aware, there is a new competitor to D.net. They call
themselves Dcypher.net <http://dcypher.net/>. They took on the CSC
challenge. Currently there is only a windows client. After reading the site
the difference between dcypher and distributed, that they will be selling
advertising space and they will also pass the winning price directly to the
person who will find the key. In fact they say:

"we will pass on the full, uncut amount to the person in question! No
deductions for our own pocket or our tax-beneficial pet charity, no Sir!"

Which I take is a direct jab at distributed.

So I was wondering, how ready is distributed's client for the csc project. I
believe (although I am not crypto expert and not much info is at he csc site
at distributed) that we should be able to tear through this project quite

There is a discussion at slashdot and a short blurb about the project

So what is the official opinion...

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