[RC5] clocks / key differences

Zypher zypher at jknust.com
Thu Nov 11 19:30:33 EST 1999

IIRC, the K6 series take more clocks per key than the P5 series. Actually,
the P6 series takes more too! :) but since you can get them at *much* higher
clock speeds, the OS overhead is less, and the 'how many damn blocks can I
do in a day' rate is much better. That the one I live by.

Not sure about K7 core. Perhaps with optimizations it would beat P6 and
maybe P5 too. Should at the minimum be on par with K6, likely a lot better.

I might be wrong, that could be DES. I think that (info above) is RC5
though, IIRC (once again) the K6-2/3 is *faster* per clock at DES, using
3dnow. Can't use sse or 3dnow for rc5 though....IIRC ;)


BTW, if you can, test in dos boot floppy or linux w/o gui so the OS doesn't
get in the way much. *cough*

The benchmarking site (now long dead) used to have exact values (assuming 0%
os) for clocks/key for cpus. Obviously, they don't have values for K7, and
everything is just plain old...ancient as atlantis in webtime.

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