[RC5] stats per os/cpu - cpu id inside blocks

Andre Schulze as8 at Rcs1.urz.tu-dresden.de
Sat Nov 13 13:53:49 EST 1999

hi list,

our team runs a personel proxy and uses its logs to get some kind of
stats per email, host, os and cpu.
though we are a team at a university, most of our keys are checked by
x86 (we have some sparcs, hppa, power, mips).
now it would be interesting if those x86 would be differentiated between
amd k5/6, k7, cyrix, winchip, p1/2/3, celeron, xeon and so on. right now
there are 16 types of cpu, which suggests we need another bit ;-| to
implement this into the block format. would be an idea for the next
block format revision.
meanwhile, how about setting up a stats on d.net showing the overall cpu
distribution (we like it:)?

   as8 at rcs.urz.tu-dresden.de				rc5 ab dafuer!
	  extraterrestisches leben zuhause? he? was?

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