[RC5] CSC Release: 17-Nov-1999 00:00GMT

Daniel Baker dbaker at distributed.net
Mon Nov 15 18:19:51 EST 1999


On behalf of distributed.net, I am pleased to announce that we have completed
the development and testing phases of CSC (CS-Cipher Challenge).  We are
ready for a wide-scale release, deployment, and launch.  On November 17th at
00:00GMT, we will release the latest RC5/DES/CSC clients (dnetc446) and proxies
(v311).  Although we are working towards ports for every platform, they will
not all be ready immediately.  Users can visit the CSC web page
(http://www.distributed.net/csc/) for more information at the contest start.

CSC is an encryption challenge that is organized by CS Communications and 
Systems.  It was designed to last one year, beginning March 17, 1999.  CS
Communications and Systems wishes to demonstrate how weak a 56-bit key is
against brute force attacks.  Accordingly, distributed.net has taken on the

A 10,000 Euro prize is being offered to the winner.  As usual, distributed.net
plans to distribute the money in our 60/20/20 method.  60% of the prize goes to
the most popular non-profit organization.  20% goes to the winner, and 20% goes
to distributed.net to cover expenses and further development.

I would like to thank the hundreds of people who participated in our CSC beta
during the past week.  The test ran quite smoothly, and the assistance provided
by users proved invaluable as we weeded out the remaining bugs in the new
client code.

The new clients will be at http://www.distributed.net/csc/clients.html so please
download the latest release when they're released, and start cracking CSC.  We
can wrap this project up in no time at all, as long as we work together. 

Thank you for your continued support!

Daniel Baker

dbaker at distributed.net - Chief Operations Administrator - distributed.net

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