[RC5] Perl script to check and warn of exhuatsed buff-in.rc5 files

Satya satyap at bom2.vsnl.net.in
Mon Nov 15 19:29:38 EST 1999

I've written a Perl script to check and warn about exhausted buff-in.rc5
files. I have a couple of different crunchers running, neither of which
connects directly. I do all my fetch/flush by email. So I wrote this
script to warn me of buff-in files that are close to empty, because I got
sick of peering at the logs all the time.

The script peers at the size of the buffer file, and depending on limits
set in the file, initiates an email fetch (numblocks and blocksize, along
with address(es) to fetch to, and location of buffer files are all defined
in the script as lists). I call it every hour or so from crontab. It's a
kluge, but it seems to work so far.

If anyone else wants it, it's at http://satyaonline.cjb.net/rc5warn.zip
(why zip?) or http://satyaonline.cjb.net/download.html

FREE! Email reminder service at http://satyaonline.cjb.net/rem.html

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