[RC5] New distributed computing idea

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Mon Nov 15 14:10:37 EST 1999

This idea has nothing to do with distributed computation. It's more likely a 
distributed spamming project.

Not everyone are interested with stupid politics.

>From: Greg Andrews <duck1 at ecn.ab.ca>
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>Subject: [RC5] New distributed computing idea
>Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 16:55:40 -0600
>Hey everybody...  I request simply that you ask yourself one question:
>                            Could we do this?
>	I believe I have found one of the largest and oldest distributed
>goals.  It's nothing mathematical and has nothing to do with encryption.
>It's human rights.  Since the dawn of politics, people have gotten together
>as a group to protest human rights.  That is much similar to what we are
>doing in RC5-64, we are uniting as a group to solve a common goal.
>	This all occurred to me today, when an acquaintance of mine was
>writing letters for Amnesty International, a group to which he belongs.  In
>Canada, Amnesty members receive a newsletter on a monthly (or so) basis.
>The newsletter details a few cases of human rights injustice, and who
>(usually politicians) you can send letters/faxes/emails to.  My Father has
>a basic template he uses for his letters, and just changes the names,
>topics, etc..  He then faxes the letters from his he computer, or mails
>them if no fax exists.  He usually refrains from email because A) He
>believes email can be "too easily deleted" and B) email really isn't his

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