[RC5] New distributed computing idea

Matthew mwebber at mailandnews.com
Tue Nov 16 08:27:27 EST 1999

While I have no quarrel with your cause, this sounds like automated spam to

> Imagine a user downloading a client program, like any other
> distributed computing application, but this is much different.  It checks
> server, which lists cases of human rights injustices, along with the
> addresses/fax numbers/emails.  You either type your own letter, or let the
> computer make one for you out of a template, just changing names, return
> addresses, topics, etc..  Then the client either emails (via the net),
> faxes (via a fax modem), or prints it off for mailing.  Best of all, it
> doesn't matter if you have a lowly 486, because it wouldn't matter if you
> could do 300k K/s.

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