[RC5] G4 client speed report

Jerome Lamarque globulle at club-internet.fr
Wed Nov 17 03:17:59 EST 1999

À (At) 11:04 -0500 12/11/1999, Ryan Malayter écrivait (wrote) :

>Using the current Mac Client, I'm getting 1485 KKeys/sec on my brand 
>new G4-450, running MacOS 8.6.
>This compares to 1409 KKeys/sec on my PIII-500 running NT4.

And to my G4/400 1328 KKeys at work among others.

>So the G4's pretty tough already... but hopefully someone can figure 
>a way to use the Altivec and integer cores at the same time to make 
>the G4 REALLY scream.

A new client is still in the works. As I know the coders are working 
hard at it. Maybe they are delaying it because of CSC integration. 
I've been told this version of the core would force a new version for 
_all_ PowerPC platforms.

CUL8er under water.

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