[RC5] Effect of CSC on RC5?

Matthew mwebber at mailandnews.com
Thu Nov 18 14:33:19 EST 1999

I'm wondering what the effect of the new CSC contest will be on RC5-64.
Depending on how many folk switch over the CSC, we may see the RC5 keyrate
drop by 50-90%. This would not be an issue if CSC were expected to run for a
short time, but I get the impression that it could be months. There has been
grumbling on the list already about the length of time RC5 is taking -
basically, without an end in sight people can lose interest and wander off
on to other projects (SETI etc).

I don't want to start any wars over this, but are we (distributed) biting
off more than we can chew? Or do we just consider RC5-64 a "background" task
to only do when there is nothing else going on?

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