[RC5] Problem with buffer limmits.

Jerome Lamarque globulle at club-internet.fr
Wed Nov 17 03:17:20 EST 1999

Hi everyone,

À (At) 11:04 -0500 12/11/1999, Steve Flynn écrivait (wrote) :
>In article <000001bf23ed$53f0e220$0a01a8c0 at MIKENT5>, Michael Collis
><michael.collis at innocent.com> writes
> >An excellent idea!  I have a small network that shares one set of
> >buff-in/buff-out files, so there would need to be allowance (select a large
> >number of days at the connecting client, which will in reeality feed network
> >clients for a small number of days) for this unless DNet started encouraging
> >use of a personal proxy.
>Err, I might have missed the point here, but how do Dnet /NOT/ encourage
>usage of a personal proxy?

By not making a PowerPC based version available for those of us who 
use Linux on a PowerMac or BeOS on a genuine BeBox or a PowerMac.
I don't even mention Mac OS nor Amiga OS.

I've been cracking keys for D.net since the 23rd of december 1997 and 
a personnal proxy was in the works since january 1998!

Still waiting...

A lot of people in my team have stopped their client because of this, 
tired of waiting. Some of them have switched to SETI, some of them 
just stopped distributed computing. Last year our team was ranked 
212. It was ranked 30 this spring (as it was for nearly six months), 
and now it is ranked 52 and still goin' down, due to lack of interest.

Ah by the way the team is fr.comp.sys.mac, team #1416, should I say 
we mostly use Macs?

CUL8er in the dumpster.

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