[RC5] clocks / key differences

Zypher zypher at jknust.com
Tue Nov 16 19:42:53 EST 1999

> > The K6-III has ADDITIONAL cache that the MMX does not have.  Its
> > L1 cache is bigger than the L1 cache of the MMX.  And the K6-III
> > has an extra 128k cache layer between the CPU and the motherboard.
> Actually thats 256k L2 cache on the K6-III.

And still makes no difference in RC5...even 8k of L1 data cache is enough to
hold plenty of rc5 keys :) Only obscure speed, how fast it can 'rotate left'
(whatever that is) matters

Also its rather sad that the dcyper client is faster than dnets....cmon lets
get the BALL ROLLING please. I bet we had a 'head start' in developing the
client, decypher seems rather spur of the moment. I'm no coder, but it sure
seemed to take forever for csc from promises...a few weeks vs many months.
Thats a sizable difference of scale, even for the likes of Microsoft (NT5 ;)
or the latest 3D game design team. (insert FPS title here)

SETI is already eating us for breakfast in terms of popularity...if someone
else beats us at the technical level, whats left to keep most us at dnet
besides loyalty? The 'L' word is nearly unheard of on the net...ask tons of
dead and black sheep websites about that.
zypher at jknust.com
Halflife/TF RC5

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