Michael michael at reedsweb.net
Thu Nov 18 18:07:43 EST 1999

Hi everybody,

First of all, Vetere has made a web page which shows est. completion
time (currently about 6 months) which is here.

The next point is that there are over 100,000 people with
distributed.net, and only a handful of these have got the new 2.8x
clients. Our speed is already twice that of dcypher. When the cores
are optimized (these are only first/second attempts I believe), then
we will be faster still. We saw 'the core effect' with DES on MMX.

As for RC5, CSC should be over in no more than a few months, thus
allowing us to continue with RC5 relatively soon. There is no time
limit with RC5, but there is a limit of March 17, 2000 with CSC (which
is why we want everybody working on that).

Now add the 'upgrading processors' effect (we'll all have
Athlons/P3s/G4s within a year) and we'll be going even quicker. Word
of mouth referrals? Done any of them recently? Try it! Watch our
keyrate jump.

In short...stay cool....and keep on cracking!

Mike Reed, Mike at ReedsWeb.net
www.distributed.net/csc/  -- Because every PC has spare cycles

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