[RC5] CSC Clients Picking Wrong Cores?

Stephen Garrison garrison at ChE.UDel.Edu
Thu Nov 18 18:41:08 EST 1999

I noticed a comment about the CSC clients picking the wrong cores and
promptly deleted it my office (oops.). However, I went home and checked on
my machine (same CPU). I have a PPro 200 with 96 megs of ram running
Win95. Here the stats.

CSC Core #	kkey/s
   0		175.5
   1		194.5
   2		167.6
   3		194.3

Guess which core it picked automatically. Yep, #2, the slowest. I was
wondering if there may have been some miscommunication in the code
development such that the "labels" of the cores in terms of speed is
backwards, ie the client selects the slowest core instead of the fastest.

Stephen Garrison

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