[RC5] CSC Clients Picking Wrong Cores?

Andy Mucho andy at software-superstars.com
Mon Nov 22 15:56:04 EST 1999

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> ARG ! Client coders, please do something :)
> PS : the client works fine on "normal" pentium clients, and on a
> Sparc Solaris Unix box - only ppro seem to be bugged

Works fine on a P2 as well..
My only question is that I get an ever increasing key-rate as the day rolls
on.. On a dual P2-350 the key-rate starts of at 340kk/s but 4 hours later
the keyrate is typically up to around 700kk/s, eventually topping out after
about 14 hours at 770kk/s..
What's up? The machine recieves a pretty steady amount of free time during
the day, and this morning has hardly been used, yet exhibits the same kind
of ramping up of kk/s..
The Benchmark clocks in at 500kk/s..
RC5 on the same machine, experiencing the same useage used to sit pretty
much around its benchmark speed all the time..

Not worrying, but puzzling nonetheless.


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