Michael Collis michael.collis at innocent.com
Tue Nov 23 10:55:40 EST 1999

> Semi-officially, the mascot for CSC is a polar bear. We're currently
> debating whether to drop per project mascots entirely and just stick
> with the cow though.

Personally I think the little Polar Bear in Crash Bandicoot 2 (Playstation)
is pretty cool, so I'd support that!  :)

I guess that part of the reason people run SETI is because there is
something to gawk at and talk about.  I include myself in that category,
hence my personal pref for the old GUI 9x/NT client version over the
slightly quicker CLI - also easier to show people to get them interested.
Also, the 'moo' was a factor in my being allowed to run it on our small
network, because it was 'cute' and interesting.  On that basis, I'd support
the mascots continuing, despite the extra coding work required to build them
into the clients.

If anyone cares enough to wanna vote, drop me e-mail and I'll post the
results in a few days.
address   michael.collis at innocent.com
(yes = individual mascots, no = single cow mascot)

Also:  I'm curious - has anyone got an accurate idea of the number of list


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