[RC5] Project Order.

AMackenzie at edgewater.com AMackenzie at edgewater.com
Mon Nov 22 17:08:29 EST 1999


	When the CSC started up I was eager to try out the new client, and I
had set CSC as my first priority (over RC5).  I was slightly annoyed to see
that I could ONLY pick either CSC or RC5 (exclusive or) at a time.  I had
hoped, and am suggesting, that we be able to crack both by a means that I am
about to disclose :).

	We set the threshold for each contest, and we set an order to crack
in.  When the first core has finished it's workload THE NEXT CORE starts up
and finishes it's workload (by core I mean CSC and RC5).  That way I could
set the threshold for CSC to 10 and the threshold for RC5 to 20 and work on
CSC half as much as RC5!  It would be a way of timeslicing our cracking.

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