[RC5] List of .INI options?

BOVINE-RC5 bovine-rc5 at mtrplx.com
Wed Nov 24 02:23:00 EST 1999

        Let me start off by saying that I've been running one version or other
of DNet's clients since late 1997.  But I've been frustrated lately by the
rate at which the documentation that comes with the clients keeps getting
smaller and smaller.  Or I should say, the areas of the documentation of most
interest to me keeps getting smaller and smaller.

        The boot in the ass that got me to post this is the fact that I have
been unable to find (either in documentation or on the DNet site) a listing of
all or some of the .INI settings.  I recently upgraded to the new .446 client.
I ran config even though I already had an .INI file configured to my liking.  I
was hoping to see some new options (such as how many blocks to fetch/flush for
CSC).  Nothing.

        I then did a fetch for blocks only to have it fetch 130 CSC blocks.  It
took the block setting from my rc5 config.  I took a look over my .INI file
(which is now DNETC.INI) and found the [parameters], [rc5], and [des] configs
from my RC5DES.INI but no csc config.  I added it manually but it is somewhat
of a moot point seeing as I now have almost 15-20 days worth of blocks at my
system's speed (190kkeys/s for CSC).

        My question: Is there a place where I can find a listing of the updated
.INI file options?

        And please, do not take this message as a gripe at DNet or their
coders.  I have a great respect for what they have created, otherwise I
wouldn't have been running the clients for almost 3 years now (God, has it been
that long? Heh).  I'm just curious, after having searched over Dnet's site, to
see if there is a master list of .INI options that I can refer to.

        Thank you for your time...and keep cracking.  Oh yeah...hurry up with
the Distributed.Wear too :)

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