[RC5] Project Order.

Dan Oetting oetting at gldmutt.cr.usgs.gov
Thu Nov 25 01:04:50 EST 1999

At 8:47 -0500 11/24/1999, Eugene Mah wrote:
>At 05:08 PM 22-11-99 -0500, you wrote:
>>	When the CSC started up I was eager to try out the new client, and I
>>had set CSC as my first priority (over RC5).  I was slightly annoyed to see
>>that I could ONLY pick either CSC or RC5 (exclusive or) at a time.  I had
>>hoped, and am suggesting, that we be able to crack both by a means that I am
>>about to disclose :).
>why not start up two instances of the client?
>you'd probably have to put them in separate directories so they
>don't read the same config file.  just configure one to work
>on CSC and the other to work on RC5.

Here is a little math puzzle for you:

Estimate the value of processing each CSC and RC5 block.
Measure the CSC and RC5 processing rates of your CPU.
Calculate the ratio of CSC vs RC5 blocks for your CPU that generates the
highest value.

-- Dan Oetting <oetting at ghtmail.cr.usgs.gov>

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