N. H. hopper at jewishmail.com
Wed Nov 24 21:58:38 EST 1999

I used to run dnet on a Mac and the total number of keys tried feature was one I really liked.

The Mac interface was (or still is? it's been a while) really well done. (Windows programmers, take note. Apple did something right with their interface guidelines. Read them)

However nerdy it is, I always thought leaving for the weekend or going on vacation and returning to find 500,000,000 keys checked to be kind of cool.

Even adding a little line in the CLI client would help a bit. Something that, after each block completed that would tally the total number of keys and display it. 

Yeah, I could whip out the calculator and do the math of numblocks*blocksize and figure it out, but then what the hell did I get a computer for?

It make take some more overhead, but the GUI is easier to use.


On Tue, 23 Nov 1999 22:49:15   EnoJon wrote:
>Win95 GUI client wasn't as swift as watching the Mac OS GUI (not to spark an OS
>but the Mac GUI throws up millions of keys at x keys/sec message line in a GUI
>box while doing the "dots" progress in the log viewer.  Maybe the API will afford
>programmer the time and incentive to create a fancy graphic progress indicator.

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